Expand a Sign is a global leader in the event industry…

…manufacturing off-the-shelf and bespoke portable branding solutions for thousands of brands across the globe.

Our strength lies in our professional and loyal reseller network, and is a fundamental part of our brand’s success. Through our market-leading and innovative products, our network is able to enhance their portfolio and provide their customers with high-quality, pain-free branding solutions.

With 22 years of experience servicing the European marked with or net for reseller. Making business easy with unique quality products and service.


Live By…


We believe our customers deserve 100% satisfaction, all the time. We do this by providing great quality products on-time, with superior materials and printing technology you can rely on.


Innovation and creativity are the heartbeat of Expand A Sign and nothing excites us more than crafting portable branding products that delight your customers and leave the competition behind.


We’re here to help you become an awesome brand every day, not during a once-off event. We’re here to offer advice, pay attention to the little things and go the extra mile when you need it most.


We’re passionate about making a positive difference for our customers, our country and each member of the EAS family and strive to deliver stand-out, memorable brand experiences you can be proud of.

At Expand a Sign,

we want to create a far-reaching legacy of exceptional branding solutions and encourage a global movement through the power of our reseller network.

Currently we operate 3 sales offices in South Africa,1 in Atlanta, USA and 2 in Australia. We also boast an extensive distributor network in Canada, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Norway, Germany, Dubai, New Zealand and all across Africa.

Our curated global network’s success relies on our core objectives to remain authentic and transparent, delivering exceptional customer service and provide a reliable supply chain solution for our network. We also provide a distribution hub for our EU customers, offering a hassle-free door to door solution.